Magazine Spread Layouts

These magazine spreads are covering whether or not we should use grid systems. There has been a recent influx of designers with interest in what is being called "The Cult of the Ugly." This is a design movement in which designers choose to embrace what is considered ugly design and focus on making design that looks shocking compared to the more traditional approach of minimalism. Francico Laranjo has taken this concept into editorial design. These spreads reference his writings about breaking grid systems. To show a contrast in opinions, this content is paired with excerpts from Josef Müller-Brockmann's book: Grid Systems as he is known for using rigid grid systems.

In designing these spreads, I chose to over-accentuate the grid by placing images and characters in weird places, while being placed flush with baselines and hanglines decided my the very strict grid system underneath. This is almost poking fun at the call for all dismissal of grid systems.You can still have wacky designs with a grid system, even as strict as this one. The restraint provided by a grid system allows you to the ability to push other limits.

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